Cancellation of the Sarenne Snowbike event.

In view of the complicated conditions on the Huez mountain bike track due to the work on the new Huez Express urban lift and the recent weather conditions, safety cannot be ensured and the decision has been taken to cancel the Sarenne Snowbike event this season.
Thank you for your understanding,

The Alpe d’Huez AEON team

Save the date: Saturday 15 April 2023 for SARENNE SNOW BIKE!

At the end of every winter, the resort organises the Sarenne descent: join in this friendly, fun event with its crowds of participants!

The day is organised with a meeting at 8.00 am at the 1800 cash desk and the start of the boarding around 8.30 am on the DMC to reach the Pic Blanc at 3330m. The GO is given as soon as the snow has cleared!

Participants make their way down to Huez village at their own pace.

Participants return to the resort via the Télévillage lift for a friendly brunch!

Open to bikers over 16 years old !

Under 18 years old : parental authorisation required for day of the descent – Mandatory equipment: full face helmet, back protection, long gloves, knee and elbow pads, protection against the cold)

Cancellation of the Sarenne Snowbike event.

Prices winter 2022/2023

Both prices include: descent, insurance and a friendly brunch

* Pass not available to downhill skiers.

Sarenne snowbike 2023
If you already have a valid lift pass
Including a lift pass to ski after the event (from 12.30pm)
+ €2 for the purchase of a rechargeable card

Don't go skiing without being well insured !

Assur’glisse Insurance. For controlled skids!


€3,50 per person per day with Assur’Glisse

Price includes VAT at the rate applicable on 1 January of the current year