Garanteed thrill

Beginners, experts, come discover the Snowpark des Jeux !

From the Family Park, composed of a few boxes and woops, all the way to the XXL park, find the path matching your level and have a ton of fun !


télémixte des Jeux, the DMC 1 starting at Alpe d’Huez 1800

télésiège Romains starting at Alpe d’Huez – Bergers


Paths are susceptible to change along with the seasons

After your ride, have fun and chill on deckchairs at the “Cool Zone” at the bottom of the snowpark.

Beginner path (S/Blue)

3 woops, 1 table Top, 1 set of 2 box (flat box + up / flat / down), 1 set of 2 box (rainbow + medium up / flat / down)

Intermediate path (M/Red)

1 table, 1 set of 2 box (3M flat box + 6M flat box), 1 set of 2 box (6M flat box + 6M flat box), 1 set of 2 box (rainbow box + canon box), 1 Table top

Expert path (L-XL/Black)

2 street rails (Tbox 6M + pipe 6M), 2 rails (rail car 9M + round rail 6M), 2 rails (TBox + round rail), L size table, XL size table, 2 rails (pipe canon + rainbow rail tube), 2 street rails (down dick, straight double tube)