All the fresh air and wide-open spaces you could wish for!

Make the most of all the mountains have to offer and relish your freedom in the great outdoors! An exceptional area, breathtaking views and plenty of discovery circuits for creating beautiful memories with your family.

Would you like to explore the vast Alpe d’Huez area? Admire magnificent panoramic views, climb to the heights of Pic Blanc, or visit the authentic villages around Alpe d’Huez.

The Exploration Pass is made for you, and we propose a wide range of different packages with daily itineraries to reveal all the legendary sites of Alpe d’Huez at your own pace!

Depending on the number of days selected, this pass proposes different itineraries throughout the Alpe d’Huez area!

Summer 2021 prices

2-day pass 6-day pass 6-day Family pass* Season pass
+ €2 for the purchase of a rechargeable card

*2 adults + 2 children 5-19 yrs (i.e. €15.25/pers)

(2) The “Family” pass is for parents, grandparents and blended families comprising at least 4 people including at least 2 children under 22 years. The price applies to day passes as well as 6-day and longer passes, of the same duration and with identical validity dates.

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Standard pass:

Explore Pic Blanc then head back down to the 2,700m lift station to explore the Alpine Garden and the magnificent view over Lac Blanc.

Start from the top of Signal and admire the unique view over Alpe d’Huez, then explore La Bergerie, finishing with the authentic village of Villard-Reculars.

From Les Bergers, take Rif Nel express, admiring the grassy plains of Alpe d’Huez, before heading to the lift Les Jeux to complete the famous lake circuit.

Starting from Les Jeux lift (2,100m), head to Poutran and then on to the charming, traditional village of Oz en Oisans.

Discover the famous Dôme des Rousses, nestling at an altitude of 2,800m, with its stunning panoramic views!