Board for a sensational ride with family or friends !

Summer and winter alike, rail sledding offers you the opportunity to experience a run like you’ve never experienced before !


Changes of speed, accelerations, all punctuated by jumps, rhythmic sequences of waves, chicanes and flip-flaps. For the most sensitive souls, this two-seater sled is the scene of a smooth descent at full speed. For the most hooked hearts, the virtual reality mask puts on its grain of sand and things become more exciting. An adventure for two !


When one drives the sled, the other travels through stunning worlds with two levels of feeling. He instantly finds himself at Roger’s, a universe populated by snowy peaks, green pastures, animals and traditional buildings !

Périods Opening hours
From Saturday 27 june until 29 august 2020
Every day from 9h30 à 18h45
Number of runs (1 ou 2 pers.) Price
1 run
5 runs*
10 runs*
20 runs*
+ 2 € for the purchase of a refillable card.
Virtual Reality Offer* Price
1 driver + 1 passenger with virtual reality mask
Duo offer 2 runs with mask (1 driver + 1 passenger)
Single mask for 5/10/20 runs* packs
Mask only (for 1 run)

*Purchase in cash desks only


*10-pass packages are sold on magnetic cards at an indicative price of 2€. The 10-pass packages are sold on magnetic cards at an indicative price of 2€.


Price per sledge 2 persons

Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 1m35 must be accompanied by an adult, no access to children under 3 years old, even if accompanied.

Tariff including all taxes: According to the VAT rate in application on January 1st of the current year.